7. Power Users Get What Features and Fixes

7.1. Server tools

This section highlights changes and additions to the various GUI server and system configuration tools in Fedora 10.

7.1.1. First Aid Kit

Firstaidkit is a fully automated recovery application that makes subsystem recovery easier for technical and non-technical users. Firstaidkit is designed to automatically fix problems while focusing on maintaining user data integrity. It is available in rescue mode, on the Fedora Live CD, and on running systems. Resources

7.2. File systems

7.2.1. eCryptfs

While Fedora 9 debuted encrypted fileystem support, F10 builds on that and fixes a number of problems that could have resulted in data corruption.

7.2.2. EXT4

Fedora 9 debuted a preview of ext4 support. F10 brings a fully ext4-compatible e2fsprogs. In addition Anaconda's partition screen has an ext4 filesystem option available if you launch the installer with the ext4 option. Fedora 10 also brings delayed allocation for ext4. However, ext4 in Fedora 10 doesn't currently support filesystems larger than 16 terabytes.

7.2.3. XFS

XFS is now a supported filesystem and an option with the the partitioning screen of Anaconda