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1.3. Manual Organization

  1. General introduction to the concepts of general software management.
  2. General software mangement with graphical desktop tools (GUI).
  3. The YUM system and its configuration.
  4. Gaining power in the command line with YUM (CLI).
This manual is organized in a format that first presents the fundamental concepts, next the desktop tools, and finally the console tools and the more advanced techniques on the software management subject.
This manual was designed that way so that newcomers can read straight through, or can limit themselves to the first sections of the manual to understand enough necessary for a home desktop user. If you need more than the graphical desktop tools, you can continue reading through and deepen the understanding of the configuration and use of the YUM system until you become an expert in software management in Fedora.
As the reader advances through the sections, the level of complexity and difficulty also advances, scaling from the management of software of a home system, to a network of managed workstations and Fedora servers.