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4.8.5. Third Party and Personal Repositories

In the Fedora history there have been many external yum repositories provided by third parties to supply those packages that were not in Fedora for one reason or another. In many cases, these repositories have been helpful, and in many others they have not, and have produced much confusion in the regular user.
The quality of these repositories is not tested, guaranteed or endorsed in any way by the Fedora Project. If you decide to use any of these third-party repositories or personal, you are on your own.
Fedora Project generally discourages the use of such third-party repositories as possible. Besides, having this policy of using the least number of repositories as possible, it will increase the chance to not suffer problems when upgrading your system from a Fedora version to another.
As for the availability or not of certain software in the Fedora repositories, we encourage you to directly contribute directly to the Fedora Project if you meet the relevant guidelines.
When Fedora Project is developing a new version, it does not take care of the external third party or personal repositories and only provides supports for the packages formally provided in the official repositories.
In short, there may be third party repositories with excellent quality and compatibility with Fedora, and others not and that will only create problems. Use them with caution, at your own risk and enable such repository only for the moment and for specific issues.
$ su -c "yum install --enablerepo=drivers nvidia-driver"