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5.6.5. Checking and Update Listing

This yum command lets you know if the system has pending updates to be applied.
# su -c "yum check-update"

finch.i686                             2.7.2-1.fc12                      updates
git.i686                               1.7.2-1.fc12                      updates
iftop.i686                             0.17-11.fc12                      updates
libpurple.i686                         2.7.2-1.fc12                      updates
perl-Git.noarch                        1.7.2-1.fc12                      updates
pidgin.i686                            2.7.2-1.fc12                      updates
schroedinger.i686                      1.0.8-4.fc12                      updates
You can ask for updates for a specific package.
# su -c "yum check-update yum-plugin-changelog"
yum-plugin-changelog                   1.1.28-1.fc13                updates
# su -c "yum list installed yum-plugin-changelog"
yum-plugin-changelog.noarch            1.1.26-1.fc13                @fedora