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5.15. YUM Software Groups

Now we will review the yum commands and configurations related to software groups that are certainly very useful and refer to the yum system's ability to handle the listing, installing, upgrading or removing software groups in a single yum transaction.
The general syntax for yum commands available for groups is:
* groupinstall group1 [group2] [...]
* groupupdate group1 [group2] [...]
* grouplist [hidden] [groupwildcard] [...]
* groupremove group1 [group2] [...]
* groupinfo group1 [...]
Alternatively you can use the following base commands by specifying the group name prefixed by the "@ " to indicate that this is a group name instead of a package name.
* install @group1 [@group2] [...]
* update @group1 [@group2] [...]
* remove @group1 [@group2] [...]

5.15.1. Listing available groups

For a listing of the available YUM software groups use the grouplist option.
# yum grouplist 
Setting up Group Process
Installed Groups:
   Administration Tools
   Arabic Support
   Armenian Support
   Assamese Support
   Authoring and Publishing
   Venda Support
   Web Development
   Web Server
   Window Managers
   Windows File Server
   X Window System
Available Groups:
   Afrikaans Support
   Albanian Support
   Amazigh Support
   Asturian Support
   Welsh Support
   X Software Development
   XFCE Software Development
   Xhosa Support
   Zulu Support