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6.2. yum-plugin-aliases

This extension adds the alias command wich allows to configure and use alias for yum commands.
yum alias [ALIAS] [expansion]
Add an alias or list them.

6.2.1. Configuration

enabled = 0|1
Enable extension at a general level.
conffile = /path
Configuration file for aliases.
recursive = true|false
Recursion use in alias.
register = true|false
Register alias for commands in yum.
The file /etc/yum/aliases.conf already incorporates a number of common aliases and may be freely edited with any text editor with the format alias command where if recursion is enabled, command may in turn contain other aliases.
Shows the alias configuration file as included in Fedora, /etc/yum/aliases.conf.
# Here are some aliases that many people find useful
# Note that you need to have recursion enabled

UPT --enablerepo=updates-testing
DUPS --showduplicates

SRC --enablerepo=fedora-source    --enablerepo=updates-source
DEVSRC --enablerepo=development-source
UPTSRC --enablerepo=updates-testing-source


up   upgrade
inst install
in   install
rm   remove
down downgrade
rein reinstall

chk check-update

ls  list
lsi ls installed
lsa ls available
lsu ls updates
lupi list-updateinfo

h  history
hi history info
hl history list
hs history summary

v  version