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6.6. yum-plugin-fastestmirror

This extension is designed to list mirrors by response speed before a download begins.
When attempting an yum operation, there is always this sorting. You can check its effectiveness by disabling and enabling the extension doing the same download y denying the us of the cache.

6.6.1. Configuration

always_print_best_host = true
maxthreads=15, facebook,.de,.uk,.ie
enabled = 0|1
Enable extension at a general level.
verbose = true|false
Prints more information on the progress of computing.
always_print_best_host = true|false
Prints information about the best mirror after probing.
hostfilepath = ruta_archivo
Absolute or relative path to the file with the information of all measured mirrors, typically timedhosts.txt. If this is a relative path, cachedir is used as the root to the path.
maxhostfileage = integer 
Max cache file age in days.
maxthreads = integer 
Max number of threads used by the extension for its computings.
socket_timeout = integer 
Timeout in seconds for the network connection to the repository being tested.