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6.8. yum-plugin-fs-snapshot

yum-fs-snapshot is an extension to make backups of your file systems before executing a yum transaction. By default, it will make an image (snapshot) of any file system that is able, for now limited to btrfs file system. However, all file systems on LVM logical volumes can be used to block-level images using LVM. The LVM images support is provided in order to make a turning back of the system (rollback). Note that these LVM images will only be created if the kernel supports DM "snapshot-merge".

6.8.1. Configuration

enabled = 1

enabled = 0
# 'lvcreate_size_args' option must specify the snapshot LV size using -L or -l
#lvcreate_size_args = -l 15%ORIGIN
enabled = 0|1
Enable extension at a general level.