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6.9. yum-plugin-keys

This extension adds the commands keys, keys-info, keys-data and keys-remove. These commands allow to query and remove signature keys.
yum keys [key-wildcard]
List keys to sign data, alias: keys-list.
yum keys-info [key-wildcard]
Complete information about data signing keys.
yum keys-data [key-wildcard]
Shows the public block of information of the data signing key.
yum keys-remove [key-wildcard]
Removes a public key for signing data, alias: keys-erase.
Currently it's not possible to add a gpg key with yum but this is not a problem in most cases because when you install a signed package and settings point to a key, yum install allows to import the key when necessary.

6.9.1. Configuration

enabled = 0|1
Enable extension at a general level.