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6.12. yum-plugin-merge-conf

This extension adds the comand line option --merge-conf. With this option yum will ask what to do with the configuration files changed with a package update.
Available options are:
diff the two versions (d)
View the differences and go back to options menu (press q).
do the default RPM action (q)
Do the default RPM action, the new configuration file are installed with .rpmnew suffix, and current configuration files are not modified.
install the package's version (i)
Rename current configuration files to .rpmsave and installs the new configuration files provided by the package.
merge interactively with vim (v)
Allows you to interactively merge files using vim.
background this process and examine manually (z)
Sets the installation process in the background and lets you edit both files and manually resolve the differences. It gets to the installation process and present again the same last options to make a decision.
To go back to the installation process execute exit command.

6.12.1. Configuration


# Set to true, to always get the output (removes the cmd line arg)
enabled = 0|1
Enable the extension at system wide.
always = true|false
Removes the command line argument and always ask what to do with the configuration files that have changed.