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6.21. yum-plugin-tmprepo

This extension adds the --tmprepo option taking an url of a .repo file, downloads it and enable it for only one transaction. This extension tries to ensure the safe temporary usage of repositories, by default, it does not allow to disable the gpg check.
This extension adds the following options:
Enables or creates one or more temporary repository from URLs of the corresponding .repo, repomd.xml, local repomd.xml file or repository local directory.
Keeps the repository configured.

6.21.1. Configuration

#  You can uncomment this to allow tmporary repositories to disable/alter
# gpg checking. This is not recommended.
#  You might want to use pkgs_gpgcheck=false, but if you do understand
# what the security implications are.
enabled = 0|1
Enable extension at a general level.
Disables the gpg check for packages.