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8.7. Package tracking with repotrack

repotrack keeps aware of any package and its dependencies. It will download the packages you want to monitor and all its dependencies recursively.
repotrack [options] package1 [package2] [package..]
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -c CONFIG, --config=CONFIG
                        config file to use (defaults to /etc/yum.conf)
  -a ARCH, --arch=ARCH  check as if running the specified arch (default:
                        current arch)
  -r REPOID, --repoid=REPOID
                        specify repo ids to query, can be specified multiple
                        times (default is all enabled)
  -t, --tempcache       Use a temp dir for storing/accessing yum-cache
  -p DESTDIR, --download_path=DESTDIR
                        Path to download packages to
  -u, --urls            Just list urls of what would be downloaded, don't
  -n, --newest          Toggle downloading only the newest packages(defaults
                        to newest-only)
  -q, --quiet           Output as little as possible
Before you start a download, try running it with -u option to get a list of urls to be downloaded. You might have some surprises as repotrack will consider to download all provider for a given dependency.
$ repotrack -u fwsnort