12.5. Advice on Partitions

Optimal partition setup depends on the usage for the Linux system in question. The following tips may help you decide how to allocate your disk space.

The following table is a possible partition setup for a system with a single, new 80 GB hard disk and 1 GB of RAM. Note that approximately 10 GB of the volume group is unallocated to allow for future growth.

[Note] Example Usage

This setup is not optimal for all use cases.

Partition Size and type
/boot 100 MB ext3 partition
swap 2 GB swap
LVM physical volume Remaining space, as one LVM volume group

The physical volume is assigned to the default volume group and divided into the following logical volumes:

Partition Size and type
/ 3 GB ext3
/usr 8 GB ext3
/usr/local 2 GB ext3
/var 4 GB ext3
/home 50 GB ext3

Example 12.1. Example Partition Setup