3.3. Which Files Do I Download?

You have several options to download Fedora. Read the options below to decide the best one for you.

Each file available for download in a Fedora distribution includes the architecture type in the file name. For example, the file for the DVD distribution of Fedora 9 for x86_64 is named Fedora-9-x86_64-DVD.iso. Refer to Section 3.2, “Which Architecture Is My Computer?” if you are unsure of your computer's architecture.

  1. Full Distribution on DVD. If you have plenty of time, a fast Internet connection, and wish to install a broader choice of software, download the full DVD version. Once burned to DVD, the media is bootable and includes an installation program. The DVD version contains a mode to perform rescue operations on your Fedora system in an emergency. You can download the DVD version directly from a mirror, or via BitTorrent.

  2. Live Image. If you want to try Fedora before you install it on your computer, download the Live image version. If your computer supports booting from CD, you can boot the operating system without making any changes to your hard disk. The Live image also provides an "Install to Hard Disk" desktop shortcut. If you decide you like what you see, and want to install it, simply activate the selection to copy Fedora to your hard disk. You can download the Live image directly from a mirror, or using BitTorrent.

  3. Minimal Boot Media. If you have a fast Internet connection but do not want to download the entire distribution, you can download a small boot image. Fedora offers images for a minimal boot environment on CD. Once you boot your system with the minimal media, you can install Fedora directly over the Internet. Although this method still involves downloading a significant amount of data over the Internet, it is almost always much less than the size of the full distribution media. Once you have finished installation, you can add or remove software to your system as desired.

    [Tip] Download Size

    Installing the default software for Fedora over the Internet requires more time than the Live image, but less time than the entire DVD distribution. Actual results depend on the actual software you select and network traffic conditions.

The following table explains where to find the desired files on a mirror site.

Locating Files
Media Type File Locations
Full distribution on DVD fedora/linux/releases/9/Fedora/arch/iso/F-9-arch-DVD.iso
Live image fedora/linux/releases/9/Live/arch/iso/F-9-arch-Live.iso, fedora/linux/releases/9/Live/arch/iso/F-9-KDE-arch-Live.iso
Minimal CD boot media fedora/linux/releases/9/Fedora/arch/os/images/boot.iso