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2.4. PackageKit

PackageKit is a system designed to install and update software on your computer easily. It aims to unify all the graphical tools (GUIs) used in the various GNU/Linux distributions.
PackageKit is a system for software management for multiple platforms using native tools in each one of them and it is not intended to replace the native tools but to create a new layer of abstraction in the task of software management between different types of systems and to facilitate the task for users and administrators.
According to its description PackageKit is a D-Bus abstraction layer that allows the user to manage packages securely using a multi-distro API.
This manual will describe PackageKit from the perspective of Fedora being a system which manages software with yum. With PackageKit and its graphics applications you can meet the basic and essential tasks of software management in your Fedora system.
PackageKit is the standard GUI system in Fedora for the software management, so the next installation note is in the exceptional case that you do not have PackageKit installed.
$ su -c "yum install PackageKit gnome-packagekit"