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5.9.6. Listing recent packages

It is possible to list the packages that have been recently added to the configured repositories by using the recent option of the list command:
# su -c "yum list recent" | head -n 15
Recently Added Packages
ditaa.noarch                        0.9-4.r74.fc12                 updates      
extundelete.i686                    0.2.0-1.fc12                   updates      
frama-c.i686                        1.4-5.fc12                     updates      
frama-c-devel.i686                  1.4-5.fc12                     updates      
google-chrome-beta.i386             5.0.375.125-53311              google-chrome
google-chrome-stable.i386           5.0.375.125-53311              google-chrome
google-chrome-unstable.i386         6.0.472.14-54133               google-chrome
google-desktop-linux.i386           1.2.0-0088                     google-chrome
gphotoframe.noarch                  1.0-2.fc12                     updates      
gphotoframe-gss.noarch              1.0-2.fc12                     updates