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5.9.7. Listing foreign packages

This listing can be very important since it lists all installed packages not available in the configured and enabled repositories. Probably an rpm was downloaded from a third party web server and installed, a foreign package for the enabled repositories. It may also happen that some old packages are still alive without your knowledge in your system because some kind of dependency problems. It is also possible that you've enabled updates-testing repository, or another one, and temporarily installed some package from that repository and then disabled it.
# su -c "yum list extras"
Extra Packages
AdobeReader_sve.i486           8.1.7-1          @adobe-linux-i386/12            
adobe-release-i386.noarch      1.0-1            installed                       
bce-devel.x86_64               1.8-1.fc13       @/bce-devel-1.8-1.fc13.x86_64/13
cherokee.x86_64                1.0.6-1.fc13     @updates/13                     
dbus-qt.x86_64                 0.70-7.fc12      @fedora/12                      
exif.x86_64                    0.6.9-1          installed                       
fox.x86_64                     1.6.38-1.fc13    @/fox-1.6.38-1.fc13.x86_64      
gnome-applet-sensors.x86_64    2.2.7-3.fc13     @updates/13                     
ifd-egate.x86_64               0.05-22          @anaconda-InstallationRepo-200911081904.x86_64/12
kernel.x86_64         @updates                        
kernel.x86_64         @updates                        
kplayer.x86_64                 1:0.7.0-3.20081211cvs.fc13
libjpeg.i686                   6b-46.fc12       @fedora/12                      
lohit-oriya-fonts.noarch       2.4.3-6.fc13     @updates/13                     
moc.x86_64             @thatfleminggent/12             
rubygem-ruby-rpm.x86_64        1.3.0-1.fc13     @/rubygem-ruby-rpm-1.3.0-1.fc13.x86_64/13
sendEmail.noarch               1.56-1.fc13      installed                       
skype.i586               installed                       
thatfleminggent-release.noarch          installed                       
vzctl-lib.x86_64               3.0.23-1         @openvz-utils/12                
yum-plugin-appmarket.noarch    1.0-1            @fedora-appmarket/13            
zaz-debuginfo.x86_64           0.3.3-1.fc13     @fedora-debuginfo/13